Monday, June 1, 2009

Our newst addition

It's tough to put into words how much a person's life can change once he/she has a child . . . ever since Joel was born on Wednesday all I want to do is hold him close to me and kiss him all over the place, but I know that someday soon he'll tell me to stop doing that because it's totally uncool and he doesn't want his friends to see me doing it, so I guess I need to get all of them in now before they go out of style.

Memorial Day weekend was very, very long for me and Jill . . . her water broke on Sunday at 4 am so we somewhat rushed to the hospital where they checked us in and for the next 48 hours we were in a holding pattern. The Drs. didn't want him to be born just yet, the more time he was inside of Jill the better off he was going to be, good point by them. But for the next 48 hours she was on so many medication it wasn't even funny.

After the 48 hours had past we thought that since her contractions had settled a bit that we would be at the hospital for some time, so I went home to get a few things. Guys, a note here, get a suitcase packed BEFORE you have your kid, even if it's two months ahead of schedule, just do it. On my way back I called Jill's mom to find out how she was doing and her contractions kicked back up again to where she was having one every 10 minutes for the last hour . . . not good. I rush back to the hospital to find her in a lot of pain. After two more hours of this we get sent back to our labor room that we had first started off in, and they said that she was measuring out at 3 cm and we were going to have him tonight.

As the hours past, everything was going pretty good, but then all of a sudden her contractions for some reason stopped. For the next 2 and half hours she was pushing without the help of contractions. At 7:52 am little Joel Pierce Garner was borned into this world. I'm still pushing for another kid in 11 months, but . . . . just kidding.