Sunday, January 3, 2010

A 2009 year in review

It's been, well, who knows how long (I'm sure if I really wanted do I could look at the date of the last blog but that would be too easy) it's been since the last report so I figured that I need to get an update out there.

The biggest event in my life was the birth of our first child, Joel Pierce Garner. He came just a little bit early, ok a month and half early, but he bored waiting inside mommy so he decided to come on May 27. It would have been ok if he would have waited another few weeks since me and Jill didn't have hardly anything for him; no diapers, no car seat, no stroller. We just had our first baby shower and there we got his bassinet and a few weeks earlier we got his crib (that I put together a week before he came!). The dogs at first didn't want anything to do with Joel, they stayed as far a way as they could but now they are starting warm up to him.

The second biggest event was the closing of the Rocky Mountain News, the place were I got my start in journalism and my employer for the last 12 years. It just goes to show that the newspaper business isn't the place to be anymore, everything is moving to online and I think that's just not going to do well for newspapers. I did get on with the Denver Post only a few days later, but the passion that I once had for writing and the newspaper business is gone. I've been looking for a job for a year now, still haven't found one. If anyone knows of anywhere/anything/anyone or even at your place of work that's hiring please let me know.

My sister got engaged, she'll be getting married in May, my baby sister is growing up so fast. It's just yesterday that I was pushing her around the yard in her baby stroller and drowning her Barbies in her Barbie swimming pool ... oh the good old days.

Jill and I celebrated our one year anniversary. It was a good year for us, got married then almost a year later had Joel ... that was the best anniversary gift we could give each other.

I'll try and keep more updates on here, a new year got to try something new.