Saturday, April 18, 2009

It sucks...

Just woke up, good to sleep in a little bit, but it sucks that Jill has to work today when yesterday we were suppose to have our OB appointment but a few hours before we were to have it they called and said with the snow they didn't want anyone to risk it so they moved it to Monday. I think we could have made it, it was warm enough that the roads weren't turning to ice, it's just that really wet and heavy snow.

Then before she left she got upset because her only pair of pants tore down the middle and she doesn't like to go shopping so she left mad which I don't like because on top of her having a long and probably useless day she started it off by being mad.

The job search is about as alive as my career as a journalist . . . been looking and applying since January and have yet to get a real hit, and my pay from the News is coming to an end at the end of the month, still no word on the severance package, my hours at the Post was cut since I'm not a actual employee but a free lancer I can't work over 30 hours so I lost 16 hours.

And with the snow it's looking like another Sunday without playing baseball, we started our season a month ago, the first two games were canceled due to snow, last weekend was Easter and now this. I am also thinking our game next week will not be played as well because that's being played in Conifer, a mountain town and the mountains are just getting hammered with snow. Guess the good news is if we are not playing tomorrow is that I can watch the Nuggets game on TV.


  1. Bad days are never fun. I would offer some of my maternity clothes for your wife, but I am not sure what I have left. Probably just the really ugly stuff.

  2. My Nicky-Poo....Life hits you hard sometimes, and it seems like the hits never stop coming. I love you, and I'm supporting you from afar. :)