Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Thoughts on my few days at the Post and my interview ...

Ok, it's still weird even after day 4 of being employed by The Post the same paper I've spent the last 11 years trying to kick its ass across the newspaper.

Things are noticeably different in the preps department ... first example and probably the biggest difference is that there's only three computers truly dedicated to preps compared to the nine that we had at the News, but part of that three at the Post also includes the preps editor.

Another thing is the database they use ... it's more simplified than what I had at the News, which can be good and bad. A good thing about it is that when entering games it's a hell of a lot easier to do it since all I have to do is just type in a school and you're done while at the News it took several steps to enter the one game ... but a bad to it being simple is that when it comes to entering a box score, such as basketball, the only thing needed to be entered is just the points (2s, 3s, FT made and attempted) while at the News it you could everything that you can think of in it.

Of course like many things, change is good and it takes time to get use to ....

Ok, now for my interview. Some know of my "fun times" at the last marketing interview that I did so I had since stopped applying for anything that had to do with marketing, but I did get a call that same day about another marketing company that wanted to interview me. Knowing that it could be a repeat of the previous company I still went ahead with the interview, that was pushed off twice. So I get there and was a few minutes late because I had forgot to get the directions to the news place, but I waited for a little over five minutes and the guy came out and he seemed cool at the start, but it all went downhill from there.

Basically I'd be going to a retail store and selling Direct TV, getting paid minimal wage plus commission, first down fall.

Second was the hours, now as he said these were "Good hours". I'd work Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 12-730 and then Saturday and Sunday from 10-6. Now this would stop any chance of me writing for the MetroNorth Newspaper, which since the News is no longer I get my writing fix from that paper. Secondly this would screw up me playing baseball, which isn't a good thing to do that. Third, it sounds like after the 6 months they'd be relocating me to a new office they have, which I don't think would make my mother and the in-laws too happy that just before their grandson is born we are picking up and leaving somewhere, which from what the guy was saying somewhere in Florida.

Some good news though is that I've got a phone interview with a factual data company that a friend works for ... I hope I can get on with this company because from what I hear, the pay is really, really good and even though the drive is to Loveland, I'd suck it up to make some good money. If I get past that part there's a face-to-face and if I get past that the job is mine, so everyone keep your fingers cross!


  1. Nick, I didn't know that the Post brought you over! That is really good news, even if it's not the ideal job. :) I'll keep my fingers crossed for your interview, but I'm also going to warn you... I drive an hour each way to work every day and in the first few months it was OK, but after a few months, I was hating both my house and my job because I hated spending 2 hours of my day on the road, either to or from work. Just keep that in mind. If it's the ideal job, though, have at it!

  2. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. You know if you do get a job in Loveland, you could cut your drive time in half by moving to somewhere like Lochbuie. Just a thought.