Saturday, March 7, 2009

Watchmen, credit cards and other things

Went and saw Watchmen for my birthday, it's not till Wednesday but we thought it would be nice to do it before the actual day and since the movie that I wanted to see doesn't come out until the 20th (Knowing) I thought that this would be a good movie since it so far has made a good profit at the box office.

After seeing it I think that it was way too long, almost three hours and it took a while to get to the point of the movie. That being said, I think that if I would have read the comic book I would have probably enjoyed the movie a lot more than I did, kind of like having some start watching the Harry Potter movies without reading the book, they are all good movies but it would be better to first read the books than see the movies, but isn't that true in most cases anyways?

As for credit cards ... these companies want you to get credit protection for your cards, which I completely understand, but when that comes out to costing nearly $70, plus the finance charges added on, it's costing me more for those two things then it does for what I'm suppose to pay for the minimal payment ... I know that I'm preaching to the choir about this but it's just one of those stupid things that just bugs the living you know what out of me.

Daylight savings start in, what, less than an hour, and I don't care too much for this time of year. Yes it's nice to be able to have an extra hour of sun light, and yes it means that summer is right around the corner and yes for my friend Paul this means that there's that extra hour to get a game of 1-on-1 in, but what I don't like is that I lose my one hour of sleep. Yes I' m being a big baby about it but I love my sleep, always have and always will ... well, that us until Joel is born than what sleep I had will for sure be gone.

What else can I rant on about .... spent the last two days covering Jefferson Academy basketball, not too bad, the boys really disappointed me in how they played today. I think they should have won but a bad quarter and half did them in, but they are a young team and I'm sure that they'll be back again next year.

As for the girls, hope that coach Porter will not read this, but I'm really surprised that they made it out of today's game, hell they should have lost on Friday night but some bad plays from Denver Christian allowed them to squeak by with the win. Beyond the starting five and maybe one other player this team doesn't have much of anything else, which is sad because I really like this team, but from what I hear the Jags will have their hands full with St. Mary's on Thursday, even though they played them once this year, I hope that they take what they learned in that loss and put it to good use. I hope they can win a state title for the seniors, especially Kathleen Porter, she's a good kid, great interview, and above all, it would be nice for her to leave her high school career holding up the gold ball with her dad and coach, Kevin Porter.

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